The Best Sports Bar On Hilton Head Island

The Best Sports Bar On Hilton Head Island

Picking a spot to watch the game has never been easier with Black Marlin, the best sports bar on HHI

Maybe you really want to watch the game, but your friends would rather not spend the afternoon eating pub grub and fried foods with a bunch of guys standing around yelling at a TV. Your friends want to watch some sports but also want the option to do other things like drink craft beers, eat fantastic food, go outside, or speak at a reasonable volume with people (preferably not all of them wearing jerseys).

What Makes a Good Hilton Head Sports Bar

The founding principle of a sports bar was a sound one: Sports, beer, and liquefied cheese are among humankind’s finest inventions and their strength grows exponentially when served together. But gone are the days when you had to trek to a dedicated sports bar to enjoy sufficient exposure to these delights. Now, most middle-tier Hilton Head taverns have a plethora of beer taps and a bunch of TVs, your phone has all the scores in real time, and it’s cheaper to have the full roster of major American sports leagues beamed into your home than it is to pay for a season of mozzarella towers.

Sports bars get away with having mediocre food because they serve a voluntary captive audience that’s already there for the TVs so why would they waste energy cooking your burger to the proper temperature?

The chefs/cooks there “are all about your culinary satisfaction” roughly as much as their counterparts in airports, hospitals, and prisons. With a multitude of NFL games, women’s tennis, a soccer match, men’s golf, and car racing going on, your burger touched the grill a certain amount of time.

It was duly entombed between whatever you selected from the “Champs Sports Bar” list. Eat it and smile, and then wipe the sauce off your chin and yell at a TV (pick a TV, any TV, it doesn’t matter which one). Here’s another Bud Light.

Sports, beer, and liquefied cheese

Sports bars dealt in “potato skins, chicken wings, and camaraderie” and drew plenty of fans particularly on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursday nights when the NFL plays and Saturday afternoons for the college football faithful.

But What Happened?

And then it seemed sports bars peaked and lost their mojo. Too many fans started gravitating toward upscale or nutritious dining, beyond chicken wings and fries on a platter. Since NFL ratings have been cresting, some patriots soured on watching pro-football. Moreover, many fans have large screen TVs in their homes to soak in fantasy, so the need to travel to a sports bar subsided, except for the camaraderie.

One factor that hurts sports bars is the intensified competition. It’s hard to walk into a restaurant, even a white tablecloth one, and not see a TV at the bar. Furthermore, the prime audience of sports bars are millennials, and they are maturing and having kids. In most cases, wives do not want to go to a sports bar.

What Makes A Bar A Sports Bar?

Customers can get confused about the identity of sports bars. Are they a bar that serves food or do they specialize in alcohol? Is it a place to drink and watch sports or a place to get a meal?

American tastes are constantly in flux and many sports bars have become “same old, same old.” They were viewed like a fraternity house for millennials or an after work drinking place for guys. And that left women out, who comprise 51 percent of the population. And sports bars were definitely not known for being family-friendly.

Customers can get confused about the identity of sports bars

What Does Black Marlin Do Different

So let’s turn the whole sports bar concept on its head. One major advantage to skipping the sports bar in favor of a fantastic restaurant is that you’re better off eating and drinking at a place built around food and drinks that provides sports on the side, rather than the other way around.

So we invite you to join us at the best place to watch a game on Hilton Head. On second thought, we invite you to the “Best Sports Bar on Hilton Head,” The Black Marlin Bayside Grill.

Hilton Head Island Is The Perfect Spot For A Sports Bar

What can be better than sitting waterside at Palmetto Bay Marina sampling specialty cocktails from our outdoor Hurricane bar, noshing on such delicacies as sushi nachos, lobster tacos, grouper Daufuskie, shrimp and grits and much, much more? And, while feasting, you can catch your team. Nothing “same old, same old” about that. No worries about weather, as we have a large covered patio and indoor seating.

Chef-driven food, a family- and dog-friendly restaurant, plus sports is like hitting the trifecta at the Kentucky Derby. Time to up your game. Visit us at the Black Marlin and we think you will soon be calling us the “best sports bar on Hilton Head Island.”

Visit us at the Black Marlin and we think you will soon be calling us the “best sports bar on Hilton Head Island”
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